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Restore: Soil


Ask your mentor to do a presentation, then click on these links to learn more about soil at schools.


Soil Projects

  • Have students build/manage both a vermicompost and a garden compost bin
  • Have students build and manage a project that prevents erosion
  • Have students plant/manage crops that improve soil health


Ideas for sharing student soil knowledge

  • Broadcast on school news shows 
  • Create and display hallway posters 
  • Film and share informational videos 
  • Operate education tables at school or community events 

Document Project(s)

Sample Project: Build Composting Bins

  • Help students use a Styrofoam cooler with ventilation holes, filled with shredded, damp newspaper to build a home for red wriggler worms in your classroom.
  • Help students build a garden compost bin from wooden pallets and zip ties. To get started, layer fruit cores and peels, paper towels and fall leaves.



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